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Media Update: Fairbank Lodge Construction on Schedule

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Fairbank Lodge continues to be on track for winter 2023-24 opening, and the building is finally taking shape. The roof installation was recently completed, along with over half of the electrical and plumbing in the building. Windows are next in line for installation.

The 30,000-square-foot lodge will feature day services such as a food pavilion, a slopeside bar, day and season-long lockers, restrooms, a café and a retail shop. On its upper levels, the lodge will house 15 two-story lofted private residences.

With Fairbank Lodge continuing its scheduled construction, Cranmore will proceed with its base area redevelopment plan. The resort is set to announce the exciting next phase of its plan in the coming weeks.

“We’re excited to unveil what’s next,” said President and General Manager Ben Wilcox. “Watching Fairbank Lodge come together each day, I’m pleased to see everything is running on schedule. Big kudos to Atlantic Construction Group—they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

Additionally, the long-awaited Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites is anticipated to open its doors on Feb. 17. Bookings have already begun, so guests are encouraged to book ahead here.


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